Community Content Program

Roleplaying is a uniqely creative hobby. As publishers of roleplaying games we know that the real magic happens in the imagination of readers and players. Time and time again we have seen fan created content that is so good that we feel that more people should be able to use it.

That is why we have created the Free League Workshop, where you can create, publish and distribute content that you have produced for you favourite game such as Mutant Year Zero, Tales from the Loop, Forbidden Lands, Symbaroum and Coriolis – The Third Horizon

Community Content Program

In cooperation with Onebookshelf we are using to market and distribute fan created content collected under the Free League Workshop logo. For the first time we are opening up our games and worlds 

It’s simple. All you need is a free account at Drivethrurpg, your readymade text content and some simple layout skills. We provide easy to use layout templates for all of our games in the program in both Indesign and Word format. 

You decide on the price and will then get half of the proceeds paid out by OneBookShelf.

To read more about the Free League Workshop program and get started check out the links below!

Free League Workshop start page.

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