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Epic Campaign Module for Award-Winning Coriolis RPG on Kickstarter Tuesday

The Kickstarter for Emissary Lost, epic campaign module for the multiple award-winning Coriolis – The Third Horizon scifi RPG by Free League Publishing, creator of the hit RPG Tales from the Loop, goes live on Kickstarter on Tuesday March 12 at 2 pm CET.


​Free League Publishing's award-winning tabletop RPG Mutant Year Zero is coming to PC and consoles. Funcom today announced Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden, a tactical adventure game that combines the turn-based combat of XCOM with a real-time stealth and exploration of a post-human world reclaimed by nature… and mutants.

Death is Only the Beginning - novel by the creators of the KULT universe is now live on Kickstarter

"Death is Only the Beginning" - a novel set in the horrifying world of the infamous KULT roleplaying game - has just been launched on Kickstarter. This is the next step for Free League Publishing in making Swedish speculative fiction available for an international audience, following the critically praised "Tales from the Loop” and “Things from the Flood” by Simon Stålenhag.

​Review copy: Tales from the Loop - Our Friends the Machines

Tales from the Loop - Our Friends the Machines & Other Mysteries is the first official campaign book for the multiple award-winning Tales from the Loop RPG published by Free League Publishing and illustrated by the acclaimed artist Simon Stålenhag. If you are interested in a review copy, please e-mail: boel@frialigan.se

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